MMOrgue’s E3 Preview

In just a few days, the Los Angeles Convention Center will become filled to the gills with geeks, gamers and techies of every shape and size.  E3 has a long-standing tradition of being THE place that industry professionals go to reveal their own visions of the Next Big Thing, and this year looks to be no different.  Attendees will be bathed in trailers and presentations both new and old, as just about every MMO developer from around the world tries to take center stage and walk away with more hype and word-of-mouth coverage than the next guy.

We’ve put together a summary of some of the major players that will be taking the stage at E3, and also give you a few tips on what we might expect from them.  Since there are literally hundreds of presenters coming to E3 to peddle their concepts, we’re only going to touch on the few that really spark our interests.

First up on our long list of anticipated showings, is DC Universe Online from SOE.  Now, just the fact that Sony is in charge of this title makes me hesitant to give it the time of day, as their MMO track record has always seemed more about quantity and profit, rather than quality and customer satisfaction.  Cap that off with the fact that we already have two existing titles in the Superhero MMO market (CoX and CO) that’re both relatively strong for such a niche market.  So, why is it even on my list?  Because this MMORPG is coming to the PS3 console.  Now, I’m not much of a console gamer myself, but the fact that this top-shelf title is going to finally land with a splash on that scene, has the potential to open doors for future MMOs to do the same.  There are those that argue that such a shift could be a Bad Thing for the genre as a whole, but I personally feel that exposing a greater audience to the concept of social gameplay on a massive scale can only solidify the popularity of interactive gaming.

Also boasting a PS3 release to coincide with their PC launch is Final Fantasy XIV.  Though SquareEnix will be in attendance at E3, still relatively little is known about this upcoming title.  We are hoping that major announcements will be forthcoming during the impending festivities, as the rumored release date for this title is looming awfully close for so little information to have surfaced.

On a similar topic, we are entering into early beta for an MMO that feels like a console, but is not. All Points Bulletin has been tagged as “an MMO version of GTA IV” and after spending a few hours on their beta servers, I have to admit that it’s a pretty apt description.  Albeit with a few couple major differences:  Incredible customization, and terrible controls.  And let me be clear, when I say the customization is phenomenal, I am not just blowing smoke.  As a comparison, Cryptic Studios (creator of CO and STO) has long been known for having versatile character creators, but APB’s character artistry makes Cryptic look like a retarded child scribbling on a wall with half-chewed crayons.  It simply must be seen to be believed.  These customization options extend beyond your personal look, and to your car and an in-game music creator, as well.  And all of these creations can be traded to other players.  However, for all the polish and shine their customization boasts, the gameplay of APB remains stale, 2-dimensional, unbalanced, and difficult to control.  Still, it’s worth checking out their E3 booth if only to play around with the tattoos and clothes.

In the world of big announcements, few leading up to E3 have caught our attention as much as the recently announced revamp of Jumpgate Evolution.  Along with the dropping of that bomb, came the statement that demos of the newly-reinvented system would be available for hands-on experience at E3.  Will their new experience stand up to the hype and scrutiny?  We hope to find out.

And last on our list of E3 Must-Sees, is BioWare’s highly anticipated entry into the MMORPG scene, Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Over the past month, we’ve begun seeing an increase in solid game details being released by the developers.  Fans of this title have gotten anxious, and rumors abound that E3 will include the announcement of a solid Release Date and/or a Public Beta.  Even if these rumors prove false, BioWare is in no position to disappoint their fans, as they are veterans of playing the crowds on the convention circuit, and masters of their own hype machines.  We already anticipate this title earning “Best of…” honors, based solely on the company’s existing track record.  Disappointed, we hope to not be.

E3 will get underway starting on Monday, June 15th, 2010.  Stay tuned to for more updates on these and other MMOs, as they emerge!


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