E3 Review: Day One

Only a bit over a day into the official festivities, and there’s already a metric sh*t-ton of items to be covered.  So without further preamble, I’m just gonna drop some of these truth bombs in your face.

Star Wars: The Old Republic was present for a quick presentation during EA’s press conference, during which time they unveiled their new cinematic trailer, “Hope.”  Any fan of the game has probably already seen this, so I won’t go into detail about the epic awesomeness it contains.  Additional announcements included PvP Warzone planets, and Personal Starships.  I’ll skip over the PvP discussion, since details are slim and any PvP system really needs to be seen as a whole before it can be properly critiqued.  But the starships have me interested for one very important reason:  We have seen no evidence that you’ll be able to fly these ships in space. They will, for all intents & purposes, be player housing that follows you from planet to planet.  I’m not even sure if other players can see your ship in order to admire your customization handiwork.  BioWare tells us that you’ll be able to build your personal starship from “thousands of parts” but the only shots they show have the thing parked at a spacedock.  I don’t know about you guys, but if I own a starship, I want to FLY the thing.  Let’s see how that baby fares in the Kessel Run, eh?  Without space flight, ships are just another costume piece.  And while I love spending time customizing my characters’ costumes, I feel like this little feature is missing the boat for a sci-fi title.  Remember SWG?  It took them over a year after launch before space became a playground we could have fun with.  Isn’t this STAR Wars?  Doesn’t that imply SPACE travel?

I’ll spend some time talking about some of the footage we’ve seen of SW:TOR‘s hands-on gameplay after E3 is spent.

All Points Bulletin has released a new gameplay trailer specifically for E3 which seems to be causing quite a stir, despite not truly containing any new information about the game.  I have to admit, the game looks like a ton of fun.  Having played it myself though, I have a feeling a lot of players will be disappointed at release.  Don’t be among that crowd!  Get a hands-on experience for yourself during APB’s limited time “Key to the City” demo, and try it before you buy it.  Details available on their home page:  http://www.apb.com  (after age verification/log in)

Far and away the news that has gotten me the most excited from Day One of E3 2010 (other than Kinect – woooo!) is the announcement and trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millenium.  There have been rumblings and rumors of this impending title for longer than I care to admit, and a huge following among avid players of the existing Warhammer title.  But what makes me even MORE excited?  During the gameplay section of the trailer above, there is a shot which distinctively shows a 3rd-person-shooter type interface, using a reticle to aim the players onslaught of bullets.  Yeah, buddy! I’ve been anxious to see an MMO step out from behind the “target and fire” mechanics of ranged combat for a long time now, and truly hope that such a high profile title as this one can pull it off in a way that shows how viable an option it still can be.

I’d also like to point out a Q&A that TenTonHammer recently held with Lego Universe’s Creative Director, Ryan Seabury.  While not specifically attached to the E3 festivities, this is a must-read for anyone interested in the possibilities of this title.  Creativity and creation are areas that most MMO titles tend to shy away from these days, and instead keep players ‘riding on rails’ through their gaming experience.  But LEGO is not just breaking that mold – they are destroying it!  And then picking up the pieces and building them into ponies and rocketships.

More E3 news will continue to come out as the rest of this week rolls onward, so keep your eyes peeled, and feel free to leave a comment if there’s a specific bit of info you’d like to share.


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