E3 Review: Day Four / Wrap-Up

On the final day of E3, it looks as though most of the exhibitors had already blown their load.  Big news was unheard of, and the steady stream of exclusives and hands-on previews we’d been seeing the previous days, died down to a trickle.

The only new MMO feature to capture our attention on this final day, was a new title from Trion Worlds called “End of Nations.”  This particular title has our attention firmly in grasp, as it is threatening to break ground on an entirely new genre – the MMORTS (that’s Real-Time Strategy).  Quite a daunting task before them, to say the least: The fate of an entire new genre could very well rest in their hands.  We’ll be keeping a close watch on developments from this game, as it breaks ground on this new front.  Even if it’s not a great game, it could potentially be blazing trails for new and exciting multi-player gameplay, under a new banner.

And that’s… it!  No epic swine flu outbreaks, no major scandals or unveiling of super top secret industry insider information.  Just a great convention, for a great industry.

All told, E3 2010 is boasting some pretty impressive numbers:  More than 45,000 attendees from 300 exhibitors, from more than 90 different countries from around the globe.  It’s almost as if the great hiatus/scaling-back of a few years prior never even happened.  In fact, let’s pretend it didn’t, and just put that whole mess behind us, ok?  Next year will be even bigger, even awesomer, and even louder, and is scheduled to take over the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 7-9th, 2011.  We hope to see you there!


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