Introduction: “Autopsy” Reports

Autopsy” is our review segment here at The MMOrgue, where we will cut into software that has recently been released, or is entering final stages of pre-release beta.

These reviews will be broken down into several sections to give specific impressions of particular details:

Y-Incision= General first impressions.

This will include installation procedures, mechanics of any applicable learning curves and a quick review of what we already know about the product being reviewed.

No score given in this category.

Heart Weight= How FUN is the software to use?

This will include discussion of gameplay mechanics, visuals/graphics, design aesthetics, storylines and much more — basically any aspect of the game that cannot be quantified as a technical feature, and impacts the way we FEEL about the game.

Final score will be rendered on a scale from 1 to 10.

Brain Weight= How SMART is the software?

This is where we discuss any technical innovations a game may present, or evolutions/refinements of existing systems, as well as review how right/wrong they are applied within the title.  This section will also diagnose what we may know of the developers behind the title.

Final score will be rendered on a scale from 1 to 10.

Diagnoses = Closing thoughts and summary.

What we think of the software as a whole and our predictions for its future (or lack thereof).

No score given in this category.

The first of our Autopsy reports will be posted later this evening.  Please leave a comment here, if you have any suggestions/questions about this feature.


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