Ten Ton Hammer Link Digest #1

9.8.10 – “Burning Bridges”

Should former employees trash talk their previous projects?

This article deals with some of the drama that ensued in the wake of APB‘s failure, as well as some foot-in-mouth statements made by Cryptic Studios‘ Jack Emmert during a series of interviews surrounding the announcement of Neverwinter Online.

9.16.10 – “GameCrush: Capitalizing on Your Gamer Girl Fetish”

The GameCrush website promises live 1-on-1 gameplay with the gamer girl of your dreams. Is the price too steep, financially and morally?

This is an editorial and review of the GameCrush website – an adult-themed service that combines aspects of dating and gaming.

9.20.10 – “What Happened To… (Part 1)”

Over the years several prominent MMOGs have gone missing or been shut down. We now ask “What Happened To…” a few of our lost favorites.

First in a series.  This one covers Stargate Worlds, Gods and Heroes, Hellgate: London and Myst Online.

9.27.10 – “Final Fantasy XIV Tips & Tricks”

Starting tips for City Selection, Travel, Linkshells, and more!

In-depth guides for some of the more confusing aspects of FFXIV, primarily focusing on the 3 different starting cities.

9.30.10 – “Ten Things You Need To Know About FFXIV”

A quick list of several important tips for surviving in Eorzea

A bullet-pointed list of quick ‘need to know’ tips to cut down on early game confusion in FFXIV.

10.4.10 – “LEGO Universe Preview”

Use your imagination to save this universe from the Maelstrom!

An official preview for the upcoming MMORPG that will take you into the creative world of LEGO.


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