Ten Ton Hammer Link Digest #2

10.4.10 – “What Happened To… (Part 2)”

In part two of our journey we focus on virtual realities, alternate timelines and epic space battles.

This installment talks about The Matrix Online, Imperator and Jumpgate: Evolution.

10.11.10 – “What Happened To… (Part 3)”

MIA MMOGs: “Down, but not out!”

Now we look into a few lost-but-not-forgotten titles: Chronicles of Spellborn, Darkfall and Huxley.

10.22.10 – “LEGO Universe Brick Building Basics”

With great power comes a steep learning curve…

Learn the basic tips & tricks to a building system with endless possibilities.

10.26.10 – “What Happened To… (Part 4)”

Game-changing games, and How NOT To Launch

This installment reviews A Tale In The Desert, The Agency and Dark And Light.

11.1.10 – “Minecraft Halloween Update: A Visual Journey”

Walk with me into The Nether…

A series of screenshots and anecdotes detailing the major features rolled out in Minecraft’s big Halloween patch.

11.4.10 – “Private Servers: Pirates and Thieves or a Game’s Biggest Fans?”

Are they in it for the money or the love of the game?

This article examines a major lawsuit over a private World of Warcraft server, as well as a private EverQuest nostalgia project known as Project 1999 and an emulator intended to resurrect the dead-and-gone MMORPG, Earth & Beyond.

11.8.10 – “Canceled MMOGs: Games We Miss The Most”

All that remains of these beloved titles are memories and dreams.

Grand Finale of the “What Happened To…” series of articles, touching on Tabula Rasa, Auto Assault and Asheron’s Call 2.

11.11.10 – “LEGO Universe Review”

Can the LEGO franchise find success in an MMORPG?

Official Ten Ton Hammer review of the charming (but disappointing) LEGO Universe.

11.18.10 – “Cryptic: What STO Can Learn From CO”

Can the lessons of one game translate into the success of another?

Cryptic Studios has released several MMOGs, and this article demonstrates how the lessons learned from one game could translate into the betterment of another.


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