Ten Ton Hammer Link Digest #3

11.22.10 – “LEGO Universe – Advanced Builders’ Tips & Tricks”

Cloning, Models & Behaviors – OH MY!

An advanced builder’s guide for LEGO Universe that includes a primer on Behaviors, assigning custom model groups, and using the Clone command effectively. Also includes a video example of a working Slot Machine that I built using these techniques.

11.29.10 – “Blurring the Lines with Jack Emmert”

Where does a multiplayer experience end and an MMOG begin?

This article is an examination at the overall MMOG industry, and how emerging and existing titles are starting to both gravitate towards multiplayer models that pick & choose mechanics from both single-player and MMO titles. Also includes excerpts from an interview with Cryptic Studios’ CCO, Jack Emmert, regarding the upcoming title Neverwinter Online.

12.5.10 – “2011 Predictions: The Biggest Games & Expansions”

Who will come out on top in the coming year?

In-depth previews of the top anticipated MMOG titles and expansions coming in 2011, as well as predictions regarding their level of success.  NOTE: This article is in the top 95-percentile for the site’s overall traffic, and has received some great commentary – worth a read!

12.9.10 – “Pros and Cons – Segmented Shards vs. Unified Servers”

The argument is as old as the industry itself, but which structure actually offers an advantage to gamers?

A point-by-point look at the advantages and draw-backs of each of the most common server architecture options available in the modern MMOG market. Includes social commentary, content discussions, technological requirements and even PR implications.

12.14.10 – “HO HO MMO: A Holiday Content Round-Up”

Revel in the festive highlight’s of this year’s MMOG Holiday Content

A fun and quick article to offer gamer’s a glimpse into the different celebrations going on in MMOGs across the industry. Very little editorial, mostly just raw information.

12.22.10 – “The Foundry: Savior of Star Trek Online?”

By putting the power of creation into the hands of its users, this game has received a new lease on life.

A must-read for anyone that has been interested in STO. The launch of Cryptic’s new User-Generated Content toolset, the Foundry, is changing the game in fundamental ways, vastly improving the overall outlook of the game’s future.



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