Ten Ton Hammer Link Digest #4

12.30.10 – “DC Universe Online – Tour of Gotham City”

Step into the gloomy alleys and byways of Gotham City and learn the secrets of its many neighborhoods.

A visual journey through the stunning landscape of DCUO’s version of the infamous Gotham City. Galleries of screenshots, accompanied by a brief description of each area.

1.5.11 – “DC Universe Online – Travel Powers Guide”

Whether tethered to the ground or free as a bird, heroes and villains have a choice on how to get around.

Published prior to the game’s release, this preview article served as a guide to help potential players choose from the three options of travel powers available to them during character creation.

1.10.11 – “DC Universe Online – ‘Battle of Legends’ Recap”

What was intended to be a legendary confrontation of superpowers ended up fizzling in the end. Was anyone really surprised?

At the ending of DCUO’s beta, SOE hosted a massive event that was intended to be fun for everyone involved. In true form, the event ended up being a catastrophe, and I was on-site to provide a blow-by-blow recount of the many ways in which this live event was a blunder.

1.12.11 – “Everybody’s Crazy ‘Bout A Sharp-Dressed Toon”

Beauty may be only skin deep, but since our avatars are only made of wire mesh, the skin is really all that matters!

An in-depth examination of the role that character customization and avatar appearance plays in the overall enjoyment of an MMO. Also includes a retrospective on how said customization has matured and evolved since the creation of this genre of gaming.

1.26.11 – “Hands-On: The Peregrine Gaming Glove”

Dozens of customizable macro keys in the palm of your hand. Literally.

A review of The Peregrine Gaming Glove, and commentary on its usefulness in both single-player and MMO games in general.

2.3.11 thru 2.16.11 – “DCUO: Player Brief Collection Guides”

Part 1 – Survival of the Fittest

Part 2 – Gotham Gang War

Part 3 – ‘Til Death Do Us Part

A multi-part series intended to function as living guides for in-game collectible achievements. Each is an exhaustive collection of screenshots, thorough location explanations, and reward descriptions. The series was not continued due to a lack of traffic/interest.

(Special thanks to Mars_Base and Datavia for their assistance with these DCUO articles)


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