Ten Ton Hammer Link Digest #5

2.4.11 – “Earthrise – PREVIEW”

Our first look at the post-apocalyptic sandbox MMOFPS – Earthrise…

This title promised to bring together new experiences rarely seen in the MMO industry – aim-to-target combat, a sandbox economy, and a living, breathing political climate. During the final days of Beta, I put the game through its paces to see how the new user experience was shaping up, and whether or not the promises made by developers were destined to come true.

2.24.11 – “DC Universe Online – REVIEW”

As the first big-name release of 2011, does DCUO manage to get the year started right?

The official review of SOE’s DC Universe Online. Final score: 88/100

This article received one of the highest user interaction ratings of any review on the site.

3.11.11 – “Wakfu – PREVIEW”

Can a sequel to one of the biggest MMOG hits ever live up to its legacy?

Learn about the innovations of this sequel to Dofus, and why the game should not be discounted or taken for granted simply due to its gameplay perspective and cutesy graphics.

3.21.11 – “DC Universe Online – March Update Preview”

Celebrate your good luck with a whole batch of new content, features and upgrades, as well as special appearances by Harvey Two-Face and Mister Mxyzptlk.

Taken from a press release and interview, this article was written to build hype for the impressive second-month patch that promised an impressive amount of content and support for a game so relatively young in the market.

3.30.11 – “Dragon Age II – REVIEW”

We return to blight-torn Thedas for the second chapter in Bioware’s fantasy epic.

Although not an MMO, this game generated an unprecedented amount of excitement among gamers across all genres, sufficient to warrant a review of the game on Ten Ton Hammer. Final Score: 86/100

4.13.11 – “Guild Wars 2: Why You Should Care”

Why Guild Wars 2 is MMO history in the making.

Written from the perspective of an MMO enthusiast that had ignored the buzz being generated by this potentially landmark title. The article contains a condensed explanation of all the ways that GW2 is innovating and evolving the way that MMOs are played, and the ways they are perceived.

This article landed more than 20,000 hits during the first week of its publish, as it quickly went viral among both members of established GW2 communities, and new gamers seeking a better understanding of the game.


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