MMOrgue Forum – Now Available!

In the interest of fostering ongoing communication between the show’s content, and the people that consume it, we’ve re-purposed the previously defunct DCUO sub-forum over at to now serve as a community portal for The MMOrgue.

Head on over to the forum and give it a poke by CLICKING THIS LINK.

One hot topic that I’d like to point out, is a request for feedback from active and former players of Trion Worlds’ RIFT. At the end of Episode #1 I offered to do a post-mortem on the first few months of this fledgling title’s life, but have not found much information outside of the game’s existing official community. Folks within that community appear generally pleased with the way the game is running, but I’m worried that there may be a tad bit of fanboy-bias running around that area, and am therefore seeking more neutral ground to air some opinions.

If you have any thoughts to share on the game (and I do mean ANY), please make your way over to THIS THREAD and make your voice be heard!

As a slight teaser, Episode #2 of The MMOrgue (which will be released on Saturday, May 21st) is going to include commentary on Age of Empires Online and APB Reloaded. Since the show’s editorials are laser-focused on a few specific features of each title, there is still a lot of information left to discuss, and I hope to be able to answer any questions that you may have about either, on the new forum. Simply post your questions/feedback, and you can be sure I’ll see them!


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